• Where to Get Your Brakes Fixed in White Plains NY

  • How to Tell When It’s Time To Replace Brakes of Your Vehicle


    If you will neglect and not replace your vehicle’s brakes on time then you are surely putting yourself and your car in danger. Brakes are something that are used repeatedly on drive. Thus , they have to be replaced after quite an interval depending on vehicle’s usage. They aren’t lifetime  things. They become ineffective and gradually wear down by time.  The question is when is the time to replace them? How to detect if they can be used further or have to be replaced?  When is it the right time to get your brakes fixed in White Plains NY.

    If you are inexperienced or non technical with vehicles then it is better to leave it to us. You can bring your vehicle to our car mechanics in White Plains NY for a check up and we will let you know if they need to be changed or not . It is always recommended to approach us, if you are in White Plains NY as our professionals and courteous mechanics will fairly let you know your vehicle’s true condition. You may consider looking for following signs that demand attention towards Vehicle’s Brakes system.

    Wear Indicator :

    Wear Indicator comes up with disc brakes. It is a metal piece attached with brake pads. When it starts getting in contact with brake rotor it starts making noise. This  high pitched metal noise  is a signal for you to have your brakes examined by any  auto mechanic. You as a responsible driver should reach auto shop as soon as you experience this noise as further application of brakes will damage Brake rotors.

    Vibration From Front End :

    If you feel vibrations from the front end of your vehicle then the possibility is that your vehicle’s brake rotors may have been warped out. Brake rotors have an estimated life span from 15000 to 70000 miles. They are disposable and has to be replaced after some time. If vehicle is being used for towing or being driven in hilly areas then the cause of vibration is most probably warped rotors. But if you haven’t stressed your vehicle and you still feel vibration then there are so many other things for consideration. When you need your brakes fixed in White Plains NY You may consider visiting our auto shop for detection of root problem and its repair.

    Thickness Of Brake Pads :

    For most vehicles, you have access to Brake Pads and rotor without removing the tire but still if you  cannot see them , just remove the tire to check the thickness of brake pads. The minimum thickness for brake pads is .25 inches. If it is any less than it, replace the Brake pads as a quick and efficient fix for your brakes.


    Since there are many complexities and checks before fix, we  recommend clients to visit our auto shop. Our experienced mechanics will surely fix things without putting strain on your budget.