• Where to Get the Coolest Car Air Conditioning in White Plains NY

  • To Drive Comfortably During White Plains NY Summer, Recharge Car Air Conditioning

    In hot summers, One of the most often complaint received by vehicle owners is that their car’s air conditioner isn’t working as it should be. The vents are not throwing air cool  enough or they aren’t throwing air with good pressure. The first suspect for it is refrigerant. Your vehicle might be low on refrigerant due to leaks of your car air conditioning in White Plains NY. You can test the refrigerant leak yourself by sniffing.  This is something not to worry about as it is a common problem related to car AC’s in hot summers .

    In hot summers like we experience in White Plains, there is no feeling better than sitting in a cool air conditioned car. It makes your drive comfortable. You cannot even think of a drive without a working AC system in such hot summers. Our auto mechanics and air conditioning technicians won’t let you feel heat in your car anymore. They are able to repair all problems related to AC’s. Whether it is loose fitting, O rings or just a refrigerant leak, we are able to repair all issues with quality services and affordable prices.

    Leaking refrigerant can damage your vehicle’s accumulator, evaporator or air conditioning compressor. You should consider giving us a visit at our auto repair shop as soon as you experience refrigerant leak. Sooner you detect the problem and reach mechanic , lesser the damage would be. Otherwise moisture caused by this leak can lead you to expensive repair. Getting a regular car air condition service from us can save both your precious time and money.  In our auto shop all our technician are certified and are able to solve any issue related to Vehicle’s AC systems. If the air is cool but you feel that AC isn’t throwing air with pressure,  most probably problem lies in AC blower motor. Honestly with that much complexities, a common man cannot inspect exactly where the problem lies if car’s air conditioning system isn’t working accordingly. It is recommended for you to bring your vehicle in our auto shop. There are several reasons that may be the cause for ineffective AC system.

    Mostly people make mistake of using B grade refrigerant or any other part. Not only it will wear out faster but also you are risking your vehicle for just approximately $30- $35 extra.  We use guaranteed and A grade parts for your vehicles. Lastly, our 100% satisfaction guarantee and experienced mechanics is what makes us reliable and best choice for any issue related to your vehicle.