• Tire Repair and Replacement in White Plains NY

  • How to Tell When it’s Time to Replace Tire or Tire Repair

    It is important to give regular check on your  vehicle’s tires. Usually people notice their tire when they experience a flat tire or any other problem due to loss of control with worn out tires. As a responsible driver one must give his vehicle’s tire a regular check up or tire repair.  You should inspect tire’s pressure, signs of sidewall damage or irregular wear on tires. You should immediately get in contact  with us, if you are unsure of any damage . Our experienced tire experts will fairly let you aware of the damage and  the possible solutions for it.

    You don’t always have to  bring your car to our auto shop for tire repair. You can check yourself whether you need to replace your vehicle’s tire or if it can be used some more. Tires life can surely exceed to 4 – 6 years if you drive carefully and use it throughout with all safety measures. Regardless of how good the tire quality is, tires lose their traction and braking ability with time and usage. So, at some point you have to decide whether it’s time for new tires or tire repair.

    As for the  quick check, put a copper penny on tire’s tread such that Lincoln is facing you in center of tread. If you cannot see Lincoln’s hair, it’s time to replace  that tire else you are good to go with your tire.

    Good quality tires have also tread wear indicators with them. It is a small raised area on grooves of a tread pattern. You can check worn out level of tires through this indicator.  These tread wear indicators are roughly visible in new tires but they start getting  visible as the tire wears out. With tire wearing out , these tread wear indicators get in level with tread rubber. If you can notice 2 – 3 of these indicators on your tire,   you should bring the vehicle to our auto shop for proper inspection and replacement. If the threads are worn out, the tires must be replaced – you cannot do a quick tire repair.

    Cracks on sidewall is also one of the major sign to detect your tire’s life expectancy. You should replace the tire as soon as you detect serious cracks on sidewall. The sidewall cracks can result in leak or even tire bursts – this cannot be a tire repair.

    Even though now you can check your vehicle’s tires yourself but you should immediately get in contact with a tire expert from our auto shop even if you get a blink of doubt regarding your tire. Some tire could have been seriously damaged state. Tire might look good to go with but a cut or any other internal damage cannot be detected by a common driver. So, it is always better to let our tire expert inspect and decide.