• No one likes to make unfriendly acquaintances that you may have bumped from behind due to faulty brakes. Every car driver relies heavily on the function of their brakes and as such you need dependable brakes. Our White Plains Auto Mechanics not only ensure you have brakes in good working conditions. They insist on installing quality brake pads, while our comprehensive car servicing ensures that your brakes never experience a sudden failure. Thus for car brakes that ensure you stop when you need to stop. You can rely on our White Plains Auto Mechanic shop.

    • Is your car air conditioning making driving your car hellish hot? If yes, you need to bring that car in for a look over. We have expert technicians and equipment’s that would restore your air-condition to its full potential. Rush hour traffic need not be a torture anymore when you have us working for and with you to ensure that your car components are in tip top conditions. Not only in the summer! You need the air conditioner to properly defog and defrost your windshield in cold weather too.

    • You must have heard the saying that a stitch in time save you nine, well guess what!  Fixing a windshield chip in time saves you lots of dollars. You’re in luck too because we at White Plains Auto Mechanic shop can actually save you some money with our experienced windshield repair technicians. Be it just chips on your windshield or an annoying crack running across the glass or you require a total replacement of the windshield we are available to meet any demand you may have for car windshield repairs

    • Have you got worn out tires? Do they wobble and give your steering a little pull? You need to have your tires checked regularly. We have made this easy for you because having your tires checked, repaired or replaced at our tire repair garage in White Plains NY is fast and effective and you’re certain to leave our auto shop feeling more confident about the tires you’ve got installed on your car.

    • Your car won’t move in the right direction with a bad steering system, our car maintenance team and technicians are experienced in repair of car steering systems. We have all the required equipment’s that enhance diagnostics and detection of car power steering problems. Our technicians offer top notch professional service from their many years of experience and we will work with you until you give us the thumbs up.

    • Don’t get fleeced! The NYS Vehicle inspection is compulsory for all vehicles in NY however it shouldn’t be the reason why your auto mechanic makes it compulsory for you to start changing all your car parts just to get a NYS inspection sticker. We maintain a professional and open garage and would give you fair assessments without prejudice of the state of your car. Passing the inspection is guaranteed when you rely on our experienced and well trained staff to guide you towards getting your car in tip top condition.

    • Alternators and batteries work hand in hand to keep your car running. The battery gets your car started at every turn of the key and supports electronic equipment’s in your car, and the alternator charges the battery while the car engine is running. These two components if not properly maintained could leave you stranded on a road side. However that would never happened when you have us at White Plains Auto Mechanic servicing your car.

    • To preserve your tires from wearing too fast, also to keep your car going straight and not constantly drifting off a straight direction while driving; your cars alignment needs to be in proper position. It is risky to drive a car without proper wheel alignment also it is quite expensive as you may have to change your tires more often due to the damage poor alignment does to them. At White Plains Automotive Repair Shop our expert alignment technicians will ensure your cars drive smoother and safer.

    • Has your car been in an accident? All dented with scratches or twisted out of shape? You’re in luck because we can make your dented vehicle look new once again. Our skilled auto body mechanics and collision experts would do a job so professional you would think it was magic. We boast that we are the best auto body repair and painting shop in White Plains NY. A visit to our garage and our work will definitely convince you of this. You have the right to choose your own auto collision repair, so call us first.

    • A real auto mechanic is so much better than a quick lube place. Car maintenance is very important if you intend to drive it for high mileage or one day get a good resale price for it. A simple but important way of maintaining your car’s engine is by regularly having an oil change. An oil change by a professional White Plains mechanic will also enable your auto repair have a good check on the other important parts of your car. Though many automotive repair shops would claim changing your car oil is the simplest thing however it is important they carry out checks whilst carrying out this simple task as it could reveal other easily overlooked but important parts that require attention.  Get it done right the first time at bring your oil changes to us.

    • Don’t you just hate a noisy exhaust? Well even cars passing by don’t like noisy and smoky exhaust; it is considered noise pollution and offensive to say the least. You may even fail your NYS emission inspection. It takes a skilled exhaust repair mechanic to detect and repair your muffler and exhaust system. A factory trained and professional garage like White Plains Automotive Repair Shop can save you the embarrassment of driving around with a noisy and eye stinging exhaust. 

    • Just what does that check engine light mean anyway? Sometimes we we worry so much about the slightest noise under the hood or that annoying red light on the dash board and truth be told we aren’t all car savvy and in most cases car owners can’t readily detect what could be wrong with the car. At White Plains Automotive Repair Shop our mechanics save you the worries. With our state of the art diagnostic equipment we can readily diagnose whatever may be wrong with your car, while saving you the expense of guessing what may be wrong with your car.

    • Modern technology, skilled, reliable White Plains mechanics, highly trained and helpful experts leads to a trustworthiness, which is more than needed when you want a car repair company you can trust.  We respect you, your time, and of course your car.  If you value speed, effectiveness, reasonable price, and integrity then you need to call us.

      The fact that we are easily accessible and very easy to contact, means that your car repair will be in good hands. If you have any questions, you may contact us at any time through our contact number or you can reach us at any time during our working hours.

      At our White Plains Automotive Repair Shop we know what your vehicle needs and we know what our customers deserve - you deserve the best car repair by the best mechanics. 

      About Us

    • I could not understand why my check engine light kept coming on. Their mechanics figured it out quickly and fixed my car for a fair price. I would have spent a fortune if I went to a dealer.

      Rating: Joseph S.

    • I have been coming here for years, always get my oil changes and regular repairs done. It's not easy to find a mechanic you can trust so I keep these guys close! They are honest and excellent mechanics.

      Rating: Jennifer L.

    • The Key to Finding a Trustworthy Mechanic in White Plains NY

      The mechanic you choose to repair your car should be experienced and trained. At least he should have experience or training with the repairs he is dealing with.  Many mechanics are limited and are only able to do small repairs. If you think that the issue is with engine, transmission or anything then don't take any risk - you need a real auto mechanics and call someone reliable. All of our mechanics are well trained and experienced so Call us at the first sign of your vehicle experiencing any problems.

      Another quality of a great mechanic is that he can be easily approached and quick to respond. People don't want to go in search of auto mechanics only when they are in emergency need of them. If you are in White Plains NY, then bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop to get best car repair. We are friendly, approachable, and a trusted member of the community. We can also do minor repairs while you wait. 

    • We Save You From Unnecessary Repairs and Parts Change

      Some of the auto mechanics in White Plains NY abused their customers’ trust by needlessly recommend unnecessary repairs or parts change. This doesn’t only become a strain on client’s budget but gives the clear sign of mechanic’s incompetence. One of the best and true characteristics of a good mechanic is that he doesn’t pushes his clients for such needless repairs and tries to save maximum of client’s money.

      Have you ever encountered an auto mechanic who completely ripped off your budget and neither did any good to your vehicle? Well, this can happen to anyone who doesn’t approach the right automotive mechanic shop for his or her vehicle’s repair. Some mechanics may even worsen the vehicle condition. We have a fully resourced auto repair shop in White Plains NY and offer car repairs for all kinds of vehicles. Our well trained and experienced auto mechanics are capable for all kind of car repair jobs. We provide all services related to vehicles ensuring quality with affordable prices.

      We have our framework set on building trust with all of our customers in White Plains.  After all, we have been in the community for many years and want your repeat business. Our trustworthy mechanics are trained and experienced for all kinds of foreign and domestic vehicles. They are capable of repairing cars, SUV’s and other heavy weight vehicles. We also ensure proper training and equipment for repairing new features coming with new technology in vehicles. We are the most trusted automotive repair shop in White Plains NY and you can be assured that you are always in safe hands with us.